The mosaic man: Saimir Strati’s 11 Guinness World Records

By - 12.09.2023

Who is Saimir Strati, the mosaicist of 11 Guinness records?

All eyes were on Albania in the summer of 2006 when mosaic artist Saimir Strati entered the Guinness Book of Records. Using nails, he created a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci that measured eight square meters. This was only the beginning. By 2019, he had broken 11 records.

Strati works in his modest studio in Tirana and travels the world to take part in art residencies and exhibitions. Although the world knows him as one of the best mosaic artists, his works are not exhibited in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Tirana. Despite being a famous mosaicist, he doesn’t have anywhere to exhibit his work. And he doesn’t know why.

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