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The social sickness

By - 01.07.2018

A poem.

Ahhh… If I would only have more time to…

To do what?

Ohh… Believe me I have,

But I choose to waste it by snapping every place I go,

And every moment I laugh or I just pretend I am laughing so people will see that I am very happy.

But, am I?

I will tell you my routine, just in case you don’t know.

Every day I wake up and tell people that I woke up.

I go to work and tell people that I am working.

I go to sleep and tell people that I will sleep.

I even dream about posting what I dreamt.

Like they care.

This is what happened to me one day.

My friend asked me out and since I haven’t seen her in a while of course I went out with her.

But what we did was just used our phones, because that is what we do best and did nothing else.

Ohh… Wait!

Yeah we did one thing.

Actually we took a really great picture, posted it and people actually thought that we were having fun.

But, were we?

New Year is coming…

You know, it’s the time when families are together celebrating…

But, no I am not planning that…

I just want to go live for the entire time…

In Instagram or Facebook, I haven’t decided yet.

People like me will do the same thing too,

So no one will see no one, because people don’t care, or do they?

People actually don’t care what I do.

They just swipe my stories because they think I am annoying,

Just like I do with theirs.

People don’t care when I wake up, when I pee, what I eat, or when I sleep.

We can’t be friends if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you are a hater if you don’t like my pictures, but if you unfollow me then it’s all over.

We are being such miops.

Instead of creating memories,

We are just creating social media stories,

That will be vanished in 24 hours and will be seen by hundreds of people.


We can’t go anywhere without taking a lot of Snaps, snaps, snaps, snaps, snaps.

And then we ask for our privacy…

But, we can never ask for something we never allowed ourselves, right?

We need to open our eyes and live the only damn life we have, just for ourselves not for someone else.

Do you all agree with me?

Great, let’s take a selfie.


This poem was performed by the author at the Kosovo Slam Poetry Festival, organized by alumni from the YES youth exchange and study program, and has been published here with permission. The annual festival aims to be a space for young people in Kosovo to express their struggles and social issues through their original verses.