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VIDEO: Gaps in the legal system on LGBTI rights

By - 10.10.2017

Legislation needs to face same-sex marriage, hate crimes, and the fluidity of gender identities.

Can two people from the same sex marry in Kosovo? It may sound like a straight no, because there hasn’t been such a case – believe us, you will know when it happens – but the reality is far more complicated. In this video, we explore the limitations of Kosovo’s legislation in facing an issue that LGBTI movements across the world are still fighting for.

We also look at the situation regarding translating a gender identity transition into reality. Can someone easily change sex administratively? What else is needed?

Overall, Kosovo’s legislation needs to re-address key approaches to the reality of gender fluidity and sexual orientation beyond heteronormative rules. We look at specific examples that clearly show the need of the legal system to be updated.

Click play and learn where the gaps in the legal system are, and how lawmakers in Kosovo need to step it up before it’s too late.

Research: Venera Cocaj

Video journalist: Cristina Marí

Camera and video editor: Mattieu Jouffre

Video produced by K2.0

Copyright K2.0.K

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