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VIDEO: Have you ever asked yourself?

The secret codes of language.

How is language used as a code to send messages to certain individuals within a group?

How have words “lost” their meaning with time? Why do people use established expressions to convey other meanings?

Linguists have given and continue to give answers for many of these questions. For some there are simply no answers. The genesis of their usage cannot be traced.

Language is part of culture and many art forms depend on language and its usage. Through some examples, we provide a summary of the daily usage of language, asking more questions than providing answers.

Note: The following video was made for humorous purposes.

As this video is specifically commenting on the Albanian language — and there are some things that simply can’t be translated — it is unfortunately not available in English or Serbian. However, it is included here for those who understand Albanian:


Script: Qerim Ondozi
Creative direction: Trëndelinë Halili & Majlinda Hoxha
Actors: Alketa Sylaj & Tristan Halilaj
Camera and editing: Trëndelinë Halili
Photography: Majlinda Hoxha
Sound: Studio 11
Music: Liburn JupolliK


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