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Voter suppression: In context

By - 18.03.2021

How is the vote suppressed in Kosovo?

Numerous times, over the past elections the idea of voter suppression was brought up. It is a  concept that never had a strong resonance within public debate in Kosovo until 2021. A change in the voter verification process for out-of-country voters made diaspora activists furious. They accused the Central Electoral Commission of establishing mechanisms that were complicating the voting process, making it more difficult for people to vote.

While the discussion on voter suppression is recent in Kosovo, it is not new in some big nations. In the United States for example, voter suppression is a big issue for voting rights advocates. These advocates work to identify and define forms of voter suppression so that new policies can be established to address the wrongs in the system. Understanding who is affected by voter suppression and how it happens, is key to demanding an active role from institutions responsible for a fair electoral process. 

Through this video, we put voter suppression in the context of past elections in Kosovo. We look at how the system is failing voters who wish to elect their representatives and exercise their right to a secret, free and independent vote. K

Research: Cristina Marí
Script: Besa Luci
Narrator: Iliriana Banjska
Translator: Plator Gashi
Camera and editing: Matko Bulent
Design and animations: Dina Hajrullahu
Sound mix: Studio 11
Archives:  AEAG –


This video was produced as part of the project ‘’Citizens – engage!’’ with the financial support of the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by Kosovo 2.0 in partnership with GAP Institute. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Kosovo 2.0 and GAP Institute and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.