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“When Pride Came to Town”

By - 04.03.2021

The next discussion in our Lokomotiva program will be dedicated to LGBTIQ+ rights in relation to religion. To initiate this discussion, Kosovo 2.0 presents the documentary film “When Pride Came to Town.”

The directors of “When Pride Came to Town,” Julia Dahr and Julie Lunde Lillesæter, met the 52-year-old Bjørn-Tore, and through his story revealed the clash between religion and sexual freedom in one of the most liberal European countries, Norway. Tensions were brought to light when the pride parade was organized for the first time in Bjørn-Tore’s hometown, a rural area in Norway.

The return to his hometown — that he once had to flee from due to everyday homophobia — brings back to him mixed emotions that speak loudly of the reasons that compelled him to leave in the first place. Among other things, through this film, we understand the nuances inside religious groups by the way they experience and manifest their religion in relation to LGBTIQ+ people.

The screening of this documentary film will serve as a starting point for discussing the complex relationship between religion and human rights, specifically LGBTIQ+ rights. Considering the historical context of many centuries that religion has limited the freedom of LGBTIQ+ people, can we hope for the beginning of an open discussion within religion about fundamental human rights — specifically those of LGBTIQ+ people? Is there a way that we can push forward human rights and liberties by reexamining and rethinking religious practices? Is there any hope that these tensions will be alleviated and reduced? What can be done to address the phenomenon of hate speech against the LGBTIQ+ community expressed by many religious preachers in Kosovo and Albania? 


Our discussion will be joined by:

  • Xheni Karaj, co-founder and executive director of NGO Aleanca LGBT in Albania
  • Sead Zimeri, philosopher

The discussion will be moderated by:

  • Dafina Halili, journalist and contributing editor in K2.0


We invite you to participate in our event on March 9, 2021, online on Kosovo 2.0’s Facebook page. The film will be screened at 17:30, while the discussion will start at 17:50.

If you need translation in English or Serbian, send us a direct message, and we will allow you audio access to the translation channels on the Zoom platform. The film will have subtitles in the Albanian and English languages. 

This event is supported by the Prince Claus Fund.

Feature image: Arrita Katona / K2.0