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K2.0 commenting principles

By - 06.02.2017

Having your say on K2.0 content.

As a pioneering media organization, Kosovo 2.0 is a passionate defender of the right to free speech. From our blogging roots, we have always sought to give a platform to those who have ideas or simply something that they want to share. We believe that the sharing of ideas, opinions and points of view allows us all to learn from each other and to develop our understanding of issues. We also don’t operate in a vacuum and always welcome feedback on our work.

We recognize that many of the topics we discuss can be deeply sensitive and can invoke strong feelings amongst readers that they want to react to — we always encourage reaction and debate. However, our aim is to ensure that a safe space is created where readers can have reasoned (if sometimes heated) discussions.

In order to ensure that comments are constructive and not destructive, that they further debate and don’t foster hate, the following will always be removed:

  • Hate speech including the use of offensive or derogatory language based on somebody’s ethnicity, religion or beliefs, gender, sexuality, age or disability;
  • Language inciting violence or hatred; and
  • Obscene language (unless being used constructively to further a discussion).

We will also remove comments that:

  • Are spam or advertise a product;
  • Are trolling — deliberately making posts with the sole aim of upsetting others, often off-topic, and not contributing to the discussion; or
  • May put us in legal jeopardy, including laws relating to copyright, defamation, contempt of court, elections, etc.

Personal attacks on our staff, contributors or fellow commenters will not be permitted — comments should relate to the article/issues being discussed.

We reserve the right to remove comments that are not in one of the three languages used by K2.0 (English, Albanian and Serbian).

We reserve the right to edit comments that do not meet our principles or to delete them entirely.

Moderating decisions are inevitably subjective and are at the discretion of K2.0’s editorial staff. In making them, we will apply these guidelines as carefully and consistently as we can but we will not enter into discussion or debate about individual moderation decisions.K