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All Black lives matter: Understanding Anti-Gypsyism

By - 30.06.2020

Unlearning racism.

Over the past weeks the conversation about racism has gone global. The death of a Black man in the United States — George Floyd — at the hands of a white policeman, has sparked unprecedented protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement. Protests against racism were also held across Europe and the conversation has reached Kosovars. 

Racism in Kosovo directly affects communities like the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians. 

Last year, a 12-year-old Roma child who had been sexually abused was found dead in Fushë Kosovë. The abuse was reported to the police. According to the child’s family the perpetrator — also allegedly the killer — was known to the police but had never been arrested. Roma citizens took to the streets demanding an end to institutional racism. 

The racism against these communities across Europe and the world, has been identified as Anti-Gypsyism.The Alliance against Anti-Gypsyism, a platform of international organizations, lays out what it means, and how to fight it. 

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