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We need to say: NEVER AGAIN!

By - 06.04.2020

It’s time to raise our voices against poverty and inequality.

One-on-one | Media

Brandon Oelofse: It’s not so much a revolution as it is a war

By - 13.01.2020

The director of the Radio Netherlands Training Center talks about inclusiveness, minorities and bringing new voices into 21st century media.

Fellowship | Human Rights 2 | In-depth | Arts

Success stories from the shadows

By - 18.12.2019

Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women who are breaking the stereotypes.

Blogbox | Minority Rights

Finding our similarities

By - 14.12.2019

Questioning what tolerance really means.

Perspectives | Human Rights

‘I had a house on Gradinite Street’

By - 07.10.2019

The Roma community using art to fight for their demolished homes.

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Life and death: The harsh reality of pregnancy in Kosovo

By - 10.12.2018

Minority women lack critical access to health care and maternity medicine.

One-on-one | Film

Sami Mustafa: Cinema can be more powerful than politics in changing people’s lives

By - 24.04.2018

Award winning filmmaker discusses the misleading portrayal of Roma in film and the next generation attempting to change it.

One-on-one | Media

Anamari Repić: We forget about people and their lives because of politics

By - 29.03.2018

Long-time journalist and vice-chairperson of the Press Council of Kosovo talks media and minorities.

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