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Apply now for K2.0’s video journalism course

By - 07.04.2017

New video production opportunity.

Join an intensive and insightful training and start shooting, editing, and spreading your own stories.Throughout a period of two months, you will learn how to create qualitative videographic material and how to work with it.

With an experienced mentor in the field of international journalism and specialized in the medium of video, you will learn all the steps to create your video story. Through practical and theoretical classes, in groups and individually, you will learn important lessons such as:

  • What makes a good story, and what is an interesting story, beyond sensationalism, propaganda, and ‘hot’-news;
  • How to approach an interview and how to talk to an interviewee;
  • What you can and cannot do when creating a story – the ethics and the laws, and how to protect yourself;
  • What you need to do to verify information, so that you don’t create your story based on a lie;
  • How to create a script – a good video script;
  • How to shoot – types of shots and what works best for your story;
  • Technical aspects of shooting, script writing and editing, and final post-production.

Participants will be guided through the process of creating at least one video story each, and the best will be selected to be published at K2.0.

Approximate start date of the classes is May 10, and they will be held in the late afternoons / evenings (after 5pm) at least two days per week. The course will take place at the K2.0 house in Prishtina, but support may be provided if you need to travel from outside the city.


Motivation, motivation, and motivation. Your eagerness to learn is what we need from you. We’ll be glad to welcome a diverse group of participants with a large variety of interests, from arts to human rights, environment, activism, or anything else you can think of – as long as you’re interested in sharing a story and learning, you’re a potential candidate.

Having a video camera is not required from participants, but having at least a smartphone is highly recommended — if you think that’s not enough, think that there are award-winning productions shot with old camera phones. Additionally, if needed, we will provide any further technical resources for the shooting and video-editing process and our studio will be available if you need to work further on your videos.


In the long-run, as a participant you will automatically become eligible for a K2.0 journalism internship, and get the chance to get truly engaged in our daily editorial production.

Apply now by completing and submitting this form. (Places are limited).K