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Aleksandar Brezar was born in 1984 in Sarajevo. Presenter and reporter for the Bosnian public broadcaster BHRT, he has also worked as a journalist at Radio 202, and on several documentaries for PBS, Holocaust Memorial Museum United States of America and Al Jazeera English. He also works as a literary translator.

Perspectives | Migration

Empathy in Europe might not be only dead, but long buried

By - 13.03.2020

Will European leaders ever learn their lessons?

Perspectives | BiH

Since when is keeping migrants in cages EU standards?

By - 28.04.2019

Footage from Bosnia and Herzegovina screams out for a reaction.

One-on-one | EU

Beatriz Becerra: For me, liberalism is more of an attitude to life

By - 07.12.2018

MEP talks about a post-Brexit EU, migration policy, and what next year’s elections could mean for the future of Europe.

One-on-one | BiH

Dino Mustafić: “We need a social shift.”

By - 22.10.2018

Theater and film director assesses the relationship between culture and politics in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One-on-one | EU

Miljenko Jergović: I am genuinely afraid of our countries [...]

By - 16.07.2018

One of the region’s most important writers talks fascism in Europe, the future, and migration.

In-depth | BiH

Doing business in impossible conditions

By - 06.04.2018

Does BiH give opportunities to young people to start a business?

In-depth | BiH

Land of the poor and hungry

By - 02.02.2018

More than a quarter of the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina goes to sleep hungry.

One-on-one | Politics

Igor Stiks: Human rights are not sufficient if societies don’t [...]

By - 30.11.2017

Writer and publicist seeks the answer to the eternal question of ‘What can be done?’

One-on-one | Culture

Edin Zubcevic: “The destiny of culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina [...]

By - 31.10.2017

Jazz Fest Sarajevo founder on culture in transition, fascism, and music as a universal language.

One-on-one | Film

Joshua Oppenheimer: “If you want to understand genocide, [...]

By - 17.08.2017

Oscar-nominated director talks about war crimes and guilt.

One-on-one | EU

Francis Fukuyama: It’s easy to return to old habits once [...]

By - 11.07.2017

Political economist talks to K2.0 about outside powers in the Balkans, EU accession and the power of capitalism.