Beyond ourselves

By - 04.04.2024

The inspiring stories of Ferizaj’s activists.

Activists all over Kosovo often take on difficult and unfinished tasks from the government, both at the local and central level. Operating in challenging environments, they look beyond themselves. They see the good as something that should be accessible to everyone, equally.

With this at the center of everything they do, activists challenge every obstacle that keeps citizens from accessing the public good. To these activists, the citizens that need to be heard the most are those who are often oppressed, excluded and not heard. Through various channels, from collectives, non-governmental organizations, individual and community initiatives to party engagement — young people find ways in which to speak up, to raise their voices and improve life in the community.

For the documentary Beyond Ourselves, K2.0 focused on Ferizaj’s activists, who fight against attempts to silence criticism for the good of the public. Listen to the inspiring stories of Fortuna Haziri, Ardian Sadiku and Elsa Aliu and learn about how they have made their city more livable.

This documentary is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo. The views presented here do not necessarily represent the views of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.