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By - 29.07.2020


We are happy to announce the second cycle of the Lokomotiva Program through which we offer a joint space for enthusiastic young people of all genders and backgrounds, who are willing to explore new ideas, and to constructively challenge established narratives around societal identities through multiple media tools and formats, including movies, blogging, music to name a few.  K2.0 is inviting young, passionate changemakers to become part of a wonderful learning experience and environment by responding to this call.

This hands-on learning opportunity seeks to encourage critical thinking and inspire activism related to the issues of gender, ethnicity, religion and race.  Most importantly, it aims to equip its members with the tools and means necessary to influence positive change. As such, this program entails a six-month, multifaceted and dynamic learning experience, during which, participants are provided with immense opportunities to explore new ideas, and a space to socialize, work, have fun with peers and act!

First phase of the program – Introduction:

This exciting journey begins with an online Bootcamp that will take place in September where all 30 selected participants and experienced facilitators will meet virtually for four days and will gain an understanding of both the program and one-another, and will acquire a general overview of the intersectionality of gender, ethnicity, religion and race.  

Following the Bootcamp, the participants will form their teams with which they will carry on the journey of Locomotiva. Each team will have one of the four main themes of the program: gender, ethnicity, religion and race – depending on the areas of interest.

Second phase of the program – Capacity Building:

Throughout the second phase of these six months – four open discussions circling around the aforementioned themes will take place. Lokomotiva members will have the opportunity to meet and discuss movies, photography, music, and other media formats with prominent inspiring individuals that have had a meaningful impact on the way we perceive the world around us. Following the developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the activities of the program will take place virtually, while the others will be organized by strictly respecting the preventive measure as set by the Government of Kosovo.

More is on the way! After the four open themed discussions, Lokomotiva members will have the priceless chance of partaking in seven workshops on how to utilize media formats for social change, which lies in the very core mission of the program. Workshops on photography, video, text-writing and publication, art performances, music, online tools for creative expression and research methods will prepare participants for the final phase of the program, marking the peak of the program, itself – community initiatives and interventions! 

Final Phase of the program – Community Initiatives and Interventions:

Having gone through all the creative talks and workshops, in this phase Lokomotiva members will be supported to design their own initiatives and by receiving aseed funding to implement an intervention in their chosen areas, within their own communities. We expect the Lokomotiva members to walk that extra mile and   to be creative in the solutions they offer, and to be committed to the initiatives they propose! Upon successful completion of the program all participants will receive certificates recognizing their immense contribution to community-led initiatives and solutions. Furthermore, all expenses related to the program will be covered by K2.0.

We are excitingly looking forward to having you join the Locomotive if you are:

  • Age 18 to 24;
  • Living in Kosovo;
  • Committed to actively engaging in all the phases of the six-month program;
  • Willing to critically challenge pejorative narratives around gender, ethnicity, religion and race;
  • Looking forward to meeting and working closely with peers from various backgrounds;
  • Open to new ideas and opinions, and willing to work with lively teams;
  • Able to identify and assess the concerns of grassroots communities;
  • Able to design initiatives that have direct impact on the areas including gender, ethnicity, religion and race in your community.

How to apply:

  1. Send your CV and a motivational letter (minimum 500 words – stating your motivation to partake in a six-month program,  your expectations of the program, as well as how you plan to apply the gained knowledge in your community – do not shy away. Tell us who you are and how you can truly make a change in your community as we cannot wait to listen about it) to  by 31.08.2020.

Lokomotiva 2.0 program is supported by the Prince Claus Fund.