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By - 04.12.2019

Second cycle of Human Rights Journalism Fellowship launches.

We are proud to announce that K2.0 will be marking Human Rights Day (Tuesday, December 10) by publishing the first articles from this year’s Human Rights Journalism Fellowship

Our Fellowship program — supported by the EU, and implemented in partnership with Centre for Equality and Liberty (CEL) and Kosovar Center for Gender Studies (KCGS) — is now in its second year as we aim to support and empower journalists in Kosovo to conduct in-depth research and reporting on human rights related issues that may otherwise go unexplored, silenced or be simply ignored.

On Human Rights Day, we’ll publish the first insightful stories from this year’s program, bringing a wider perspective on under-reported issues to the public. By exploring topics from mental health and school bullying to the lack of employment and education opportunities for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women, we want to start discussions among citizens and institutions about taking action to address fundamental issues that deeply impact people’s lives. 

This year sees us extend the format of our Fellowship stories, incorporating even more visual and multimedia content than before. Two of the articles will be in-depth photo stories, while we also have two short video-documentaries coming up.

The launch event will include opening remarks and comments on the critical role of human rights journalism in the 21st century and a brief introduction to the stories covered from some of the editors involved in the process:

  • Besa Luci – Chief editor of K2.0
  • Hillen Francke – Deputy Head of Cooperation at the EU Office
  • Taulant Hoxha – Executive Director of KCSF
  • Artan Mustafa – Editor at the Fellowship Program
  • Ferdi Limani – Editor at the Fellowship Program

Following this, a cocktail will take place where guests and participants will have the chance to further discuss some of the topics that have been raised and what steps we can all take to ensure greater awareness and action in the future. 

Please join us for the launch of this year’s Human Rights Journalism Fellowship articles on December 10, from 18:00, at Hub 2.0. K

The journalism fellowship programme is implemented with the financial support of the European Union in Kosovo, and is co-financed by the project ‘Luxembourg support to civil society in Kosovo,’ financed by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and managed by Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), as well as from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).