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Context – What can we expect from 2019? – (Pilot episode)

By - 13.04.2019

Welcome to Context, a K2.0 podcast to transform the noise, and explain the present.

With Context, we come together to explain, understand, and analyze the issues that matter.

Context is a podcast conducted by K2.0’s editor in chief, Besa Luci. In our first episode, K2.0’s journalists have also come together to give their point of view on the issues they deal with everyday: Fitim Salihu, on politics; Arian Lumezi, on justice and governance, Ngadhnjim Avdyli on social issues; and Dafina Halili, on human rights.

In our first episode, we explain you why are we launching this podcasting experiment, and what it will be like. Moreover, we take the time to talk about the year to come, and what it will mean for citizens. What can we expect from 2019? We talk about the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, important upcoming laws to pay attention to, worker’s rights, gender equality, and justice.

If you are not an Albanian language speaker, you can watch our video and follow the episode with English subtitles.

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