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‘Everything revolves around pitajka’

By - 05.05.2022

A K2.0 documentary about Prizren Ramadans.

Every day of Ramadan a man climbs the hill up to the fortress above Prizren, in warm weather or in the rain. The bright colors of the fireworks he sets off paint the sky over the city every evening, announcing the arrival of iftar. Prizren transforms. Old routines are replaced with new ones. People’s schedules, when they go out, meet others, everything, it all shifts. The dinner table also transforms. Pitajka with eggs, a special type of bread, becomes the thing that everything else seems to revolve around during this month. After waiting in long lines at the bakery, the city empties out and houses fill up. It is time for iftar, both for those who fast and for those who do not.

Shortly before dawn, the lights of houses and apartments in the neighborhoods of Prizren turn on –– it’s the time for suhur, the last meal before the daily fast begins. And until dawn, people play cards, talk politics and everything else in the jam-packed teahouses. People change too. To some fasting comes easier, to others it is a little harder. To those who find it difficult, people speak with tenderness; understanding and solidarity is all about.

Prizren changes during Ramadan. In this documentary, the people of Prizren tell us how.