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Impact of art/film in fighting gender inequality

By - 23.05.2019

Kosovo 2.0 is screening the movie “Three windows and a hanging” to launch its first open discussion within the Lokomotiva program.

Through Lokomotiva, Kosovo 2.0 is using transmedial ways of using arts and culture to engage young people in insightful discussion on topics such as gender, ethnicity, religion and race.

We will start our first discussion on the topic of gender, by screening the movie “Three windows and a hanging.” The movie, directed by Isa Qosja, is set in a traditional village in Kosovo, a year after the war, at a time when people are rebuilding their lives. But the relative normality of these efforts crumbles when it is discovered that some of the women from the village were raped during the war.

The stigmatization and exclusion of the film’s protagonists who are victims of sexual violence reflects Kosovo’s sad reality since 1999. Sexual violence in any form is often the result of unequal power relations between men and women, predetermined by patriarchal structures. But since the film challenges and questions such inequalities, we have decided that screening this movie will serve as an ideal starting point for discussing the impact of art and cinema in fighting gender inequality.

Joining our discussion will be:

  1.  Irena Cahani — In the role of Lushe at “Three windows and a hanging”
  2.  Adelina Berisha — Advocacy Coordinator at Kosovo Women’s Network
  3.  Sibel Halimi — Sociologist

The discussion will be moderated by Ajete Kerqeli — Co-founder of the NGO Shtatembedhjete.

We invite you to join our event on 31 May 2019, at the premises of Kosovo 2.0. The movie will be screened from 16:30, while the discussion starts from 18:00.

English translation will be available.K

This event is supported by Prince Claus Fund.