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K2.0 explains: A journalist’s right to protect their sources

By - 27.07.2021

At the core of democracy, sources are sacred — almost always.

Sources are vital to the exercise of media freedom and the right to information. When journalists are pressured to reveal their sources, the damages go far beyond one story — it can damage the trust of a whole media environment. 

Without people ready to speak up, journalists and journalism can’t exist. Ask any professional journalist and they will tell you that a source is sacred. 

There are occasionally instances where judges or police have demanded journalists or editors to reveal their sources — and in some very specific instances, they can. But because of the future consequences of obliging the media to reveal their sources, this can’t happen everyday. 

Recently, the publication Insajderi brought the protection of sources into the spotlight. The publication of information involving the Ministry of Health and the vaccination process led to police questioning regarding Insajderi’s sources of information. Media associations rushed to condemn any attempts to pressure journalists to reveal their sources — independently from the accuracy of the information published.

So what rights do journalists in Kosovo have to protect their sources? And why is the protection of sources so vital to a healthy democracy?K

Research and script: Cristina Marí
Editor: Besa Luci
Narration: Aulonë Kadriu
Music: Studio 11 Prishtinë
Design and Animation: Agon Dana
Video: Agon Dana and Matko Bulent 


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