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By - 02.06.2019

Kosovo’s music life with Arif Muharremi & Alush Gashi.

In our latest podcast episode of Konteksti, produced for the occasion of K2.0’s new monograph Cult-ivation, we have invited two music lovers, Arif Muharremi and Alush Gashi, to walk us through our collective memory of music in Kosovo.

Our two guest hosts begin their musical voyage in the ’80s, when the Yugoslav musical scene was still blossoming and influential in Kosovo; they continue well into the ’90s, when music venues and private spaces were a form of escape and resistance; they then take us into the new millennia and recall what has happened in the last 20 years. Finally, the two dive into the context that has fostered the reality and struggles of musical production in Kosovo today.

Without forgetting about the influence of international music, our guest hosts invite you to follow them in this dive down memory lane.

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Note for non-Albanian speakers: This show was recorded in Albanian. To follow the show in English, you can watch our subtitled video version here:

Feature image: Cristina Marí / K2.0.


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