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Kosovo elects — live results

By - 14.02.2021

All the key election night numbers and their historical context.

Welcome to K2.0’s coverage of the February 14, 2021 extraordinary general election results.

As the results came in, we provided regular updates right here on this page, as well as across our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), using the hashtag #KosovoElections.

Key developments:

- Vetëvendosje (VV) is set to complete a landslide victory in Sunday’s general election.

- After the counting of all regular ballots cast on polling day*, VV has around 48% of the total vote share.

- VV has surpassed the 359,851 votes received by Ibrahim Rugova's LDK in 2001, breaking the record for the most votes won by any party in Kosovo's post-war history. It is also set to eclipse LDK's current record vote share of 45.65% (also in 2001).

- VV’s previous highest vote share was 27.49% (in 2017).

- All other major parties have seen their vote share decline compared to 2019.

- LDK's vote share has collapsed to around 13% and the party is on track for the worst result in its history. Its previous lowest vote share was 24.54% in 2019.

- PDK is set to finish second, but its vote share of around 17% is also its lowest ever. Its previous lowest was the 21.23% it received in 2019.

- Nisma looks set to miss the 5% threshold required to secure seats in the Assembly.

- Voter turnout is around 47% — the highest since 2004.

*All 2021 election data displayed on this page is preliminary data provided by the Central Election Commission (CEC) — it does not include postal ballots, conditional ballots or ballots of people with disabilities. The official results of the election are not considered final until all votes have been counted and formally certified by the CEC (following any appeals and legal challenges).

A little background

Citizens have been voting to elect the 120 deputies that make up Kosovo’s Assembly.

100 deputies are elected through the open ballot (for entities that meet a minimum threshold of 5% of the vote), while 20 seats are reserved for candidates representing minority communities.