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Kosovo’s forests are dying faster than we knew

By - 13.12.2021

What will it take to save them?

New research based on satellite imagery shows that over the last 20 years Kosovo has lost 7,618 hectares of forest cover. That’s the equivalent of losing one and a half football fields worth of forest every day since the year 2000. Though nearly half the country is covered in forest, ecologists warn that if the current rate of deforestation continues, by 2035 the country’s remaining forests will be dangerously unhealthy. Illegal logging is the main danger to the country’s forests, but forest fires and mismanagement don’t help.

Time is of the essence for Kosovo’s forests and some are taking action. The Kosovo Forestry Agency is working to centralize forest management practices and increase monitoring to reduce illegal logging. A recent campaign by the environmental group Sustainability Leadership Kosova, #MoseMerrMalin, or #DontTakeTheForests, aims to bring people in the fight against deforestation. What else is being done, and will it be enough?

Watch K2.0’s video explainer on deforestation to learn more.


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