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Kosovo’s health system: Pay to live

By - 05.06.2018

How well is Kosovo’s health system serving citizens’ needs?

Health is a right, not a luxury, but Kosovar governments, one after another, have failed to fully transform the public health system in order to offer citizens qualitative, accessible, and sufficient health care services. While public investment in public health institutions is low and corruption remains a problem, private health institutions have often gained their share of the benefits. All too often, having economic resources to pay for your health is the only guarantee that citizens can receive the treatment they need.

In this video, K2.0 takes a look at some of the problems of the public health care system, at the struggles of Kosovars to access healthcare, and at what the government could do to fix it.


Research, script and narrator: Cristina Mari

Script editor: Jack Butcher

Video production: Matthieu Jouffre

Music: Liburn Jupolli


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