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In-depth | Croatia

An expensive new whim of Zagreb’s Mayor

By - 22.01.2020

The bonds connecting the Zagreb Manhattan and Belgrade Waterfront projects.

Lately | Albania

Abandoned Tirana factory transformed into cultural space

By - 17.07.2019

Young volunteers revitalize building for local community.

In-depth | Public Space

The writings on the wall

By , Ngadhnjim Avdyli - 02.06.2019

Aggression, freedom, rebellion — three decades of KS graffiti.

In-depth | Arts

Seventeen: A catalyst for progress

By , Besarta Breznica - 14.03.2019

Using art and culture to foster community-level change.

Lately | Montenegro

Tito lives on in Montenegro

By - 23.01.2019

Tito is back in Podgorica, but nobody knows why.

Mentorship | Public Space

Eljesa Beka: I would have left Kosovo for good if it wasn’t for Termokiss

By , Besarta Breznica - 25.12.2018

K2.0 speaks to two of the organizers of Termokiss about its busiest year yet.

Lately | Culture

“Gërmia” controversy signals divisions on how to grow Prishtina

By - 24.10.2018

Disagreements over construction of a new concert hall in the capital.

In-depth | Activism

The Missing Monuments

By - 27.07.2018

Efforts persist to commemorate killed civilians in Serbia, Croatia and BiH.

Lately | Arts

The little revolution of Runik

By - 05.07.2018

Town's House of Culture to host first show in nearly 30 years on Saturday.

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