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VIDEO: Kosovo’s visa purgatory

By - 16.02.2018

Isolated and ignored — Kosovars sick of being political pawns.

Freedom of movement is one of the European Union’s greatest successes, but it is a right still denied to Kosovo’s citizens. While the EU and Kosovo’s government play an endless game of tug of war over the issue, families remain separated, opportunities are wasted, and thousands of trips have to be cancelled — all draining Kosovars of their resources, and energy, through fees and endless bureaucracy. When is this ever going to end?

Actors: Driada Matoshi & Lulzim Bucolli

Script: Artrit Bytyçi

Research: Leonora Aliu and Eraldin Fazliu

Text editing: Jack Butcher

Director: Matko Bulent

Video: Matko Bulent

Sound mix: Driton Pllana

Produced by: Kosovo 2.0 in cooperation with Picca

Copyright: K2.0.K