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Where to address your #IWantToKnow demands

By - 26.10.2016

Social media profiles of institutions and public representatives.

More than 130,000 people have already watched the video #IWantToKnow, launched to kick off our public campaign. Our aim, is to increase citizens’ engagement in demanding accountability and information from institutions on issues that you deem important. And to do that, we need your help.

K2.0 encourages you to use the hashtag #IWantToKnow across social media networks; to use it to ask questions about issues that either affect your daily lives or issues you believe require greater transparency from institutions — to publicize your demands.

We encourage you to directly tag institutions and individual representatives in your online questions and inquiries, and we as K2.0 will also help to ensure that your messages are directed to the right people. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IWantToKnow so that anyone interested in your public demands can track your inquiry.

To help you with that, use our list of public social media profiles of institutions, key public figures and public representatives:

Key Public Figures

Prime minister, Isa Mustafa:

Twitter: @IsaMustafaKS
Facebook: Isa Mustafa

President, Hashim Thaqi:

Twitter:  @HashimThaciRKS
Facebook: Hashim Thaqi

President of Kosovo Assembly, Kadri Veseli:

Twitter: @KadriVeseliKS
Facebook: Kadri Veseli



Ministry of Public Administration, Mahir Yagcilar:

Twitter: @MahirYağcilar
Facebook: Mahir Yağcılar / map.rks

Ministry of Local Government Administration, Ljubomir Maric:

Twitter: @ljubomir_maric

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Arsim Bajrami:

Facebook: Arsim Bajrami

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Memli Krasniqi:

Twitter: @MBPZHRKosovo / @MemliKrasniqi
mbpzhr / Memli Krasniqi

Ministry of Diaspora, Valon Murati:

Twitter: @valonmurati
Facebook: ministriaediaspores / Valon Murati

Ministry of Justice, Dhurata Hoxha:

Twitter: @MDMJMP / @Dhuratas
MinistriaeDrejtesise / dhurata.hoxha.pdk

Ministry of Finance, Avdullah Hoti:

Twitter: @Avdullah
MinistriaeFinancave / avdullah.hoti

Ministry of Economic Development, Blerand Stavileci:

Twitter: @MZHERKS / @BlerandS
MinistriaEZhvillimitEkonimik / blerand.stavileci

Ministry of European Integration, Ramadan Ilazi:

Twitter: @MEI_RKS / @Danlazi
Facebook: Ministria e Integrimit Evropian – Ministry of European Integration; @dani.ilazi

Ministry for the Kosovo Security Force, Haki Demolli:

Twitter: @HDemolli / @MFSK_FSK
Ministria për Forcën e Sigurisë së Kosovës – FSK / Haki Demolli

Ministry for Community and Return, Dalibor Jevtic:

Twitter: @jevticdalibor

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Shala:


Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ferat Shala:

Facebook: FeratShalaOfficial

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Arban Abrashi:

Facebook: Arban Abrashi / MinistriaePunesdheMireqeniesSociale

Ministry of Internal Afairs, Skender Hyseni:

Twitter: @shyseni1
Skender Hyseni / MinistriaePuneveteBrendshme

Ministry of External Afairs, Enver Hoxhaj:

Twitter: @MFAKOSOVO / @Enver_Hoxhaj
Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Republic of Kosovo / dr.enverhoxhaj / Enver Hoxhaj

Ministry of Health, Imet Rrahmani:

Facebook: DrImetRrahmani

Ministry of Infrastructure, Lutfi Zharku:

Twitter: @LutfiZharku / @MI_Kosovo
MinistriaeInfrastruktures / Lutfi Zharku

Ministry of Trade and Industry, Hykmete Bajrami:

Facebook: hykmete.bajrami / Ministria e Tregtisë dhe Industrisë – MTI



Municipality of Decan, Rasim Selmanaj:

Facebook: RasimSelmanajOfficial

Municipality of Dragash, Salim Jenuzi:

Facebook: Komuna.e.Dragashit

Municipality of Ferizaj, Muharrem Svarqa:

Facebook:  officialKomunaFerizaj / MuharremSfarqaOfficial

Municipality of Fushe Kosove, Burim Berisha:

Facebook: FusheKososovaMunicipality / BurimBerishaOfficial

Municipality of Gjakova, Mimoza Kusari-Lila:

Twitter: @mimozakusari / @KomunaGjakove
Mimoza Kusari

Municipality of Gjilan, Lutfi Haziri:

Twiiter: @LutfiEHaziri

Municipality of Drenas, Nexhat Demaku:

Facebook: Komuna e Drenasit

Municipality of Gracanica, Branimir Stojanovic:

Facebook: opstinagracanica / Branimir Stojanovic

Municipality of Hani Elezit, Rufki Suma:

Twitter: @komuna1
Komuna Hani i Elezit

Municipality of Istog, Haki Rugova:

Facebook: KomunaIstog

Municipality of Junik, Agron Kuci:

Facebook: KomunaJunik / Agron Kuci

Municipality of Kamenica, Begzad Sinani:

Twitter: @KomunaPM  / @Bkomuna
 Komuna e Kamenices – Faqja Zyrtare / Begzad Sinani

Municipality of Kacanik, Besim Ilazi:

Facebook: KomunaKacanik

Municipality of Klina, Sokol Bashota:

Facebook: Sokol Bashota

Municipality of Kllokot, Deputy Mayor Refik Halili:

Facebook: komunakllokot

Municipality of Lipjan, Imri Ahmeti:

Facebook: imri.ahmeti / Komuna e Lipjanit- Faqja Zyrtare

Municipality of Malisheva, Ragip Begaj:

Facebook: Ragip Begaj

Municipality of Mamusha, Arif Butuc:

Facebook: Arif Bütüç / Mamuşa Belediyesi / Komuna e Mamushës

Municipality of Mitrovica, Agim Bahtiri:

Facebook: Agim.Bahtirii / Agim Bahtiri

Municipality of Obiliq, Xhafer Gashi:

Facebook: XhaferGashiPerObiliq / Xhafer Gashi

Municipality of Podujeva, Agim Veliu:

Facebook: AgimVeliu / KomunaEPodujeves

Municipality of Peja, Gazmend Muhaxheri:

gazmuhaxheri / Gazmend Muhaxheri

Municipality of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti:

Twitter: @ShpendA; @Kprishtines
Shpend A. Ahmeti / komunaprishtine / Shpend A. Ahmeti

Municipality of Rahovec, Idriz Vehapi:

Idriz Vehapi / Komuna Rahovec

Municipality of Ranillug, Gradimir Mikic:

Facebook: Gradimir Mikic

Municipality of Shterpce, Bratislav Nikolic:

Facebook: strpce.ldp.9

Municipality of Shtime, Naim Ismaili:

Facebook: Naim Ismajli / @officialKomunaShtime

Municipality of Skenderaj, Sami Lushtaku:

Facebook: SamiLushtaku

Municipality of Suhareka, Sali Asllanaj:

Facebook: komunasuharekeofficial / Sali Asllanaj

Municipality of Viti, Sokol Haliti:

Facebook: Sokol Haliti / @sokoli.haliti.kryetar.i.vitise

Municipality of Vushtrri, Bajram Mulaku:

Twitter @Komunavushtrri
Komuna Vushtrri Faqja Zyrtare


Judiciary and Police

Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, Hilmi Mehmeti:

Twitter: @Inspektorati
Inspektorati Policor i Kosovës

Kosovo Police, Shpend Maxhuni:

Twitter: @PoliceKosovo

State Prosecutor, Aleksander Lumezi:

Twitter: @aleksanderlumez

Kosovo Judicial Council, Nehat Idrizi:

Facebook: Nehat Idrizi

Constitutional Court, Arta Rama-Hajrizi:

Facebook: Arta Rama


Public Agencies

Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, Ragip Gjoshi:

Facebook: Ragip Gjoshi

Procurement Review Body, Blerim Dina:

Twitter: @blerimdina

Independent Oversight Board Civil Service of Kosovo, Shkemb Manaj:

Facebook: Shkemb Manaj

National Audit Office, Besnik Osmani:

Twitter: @besnik_osmani
Besnik F Osmani / Zyra Kombëtare e Auditimit/National Audit Office

Ombudsperson, Hilmi Jashari:

Facebook: Kosova Ombudsperson

Agency for free legal aid, Ramadan Gashi:

Facebook: AgjenciaPerNdihmeJuridikeFalasREKosoves

Kosovo Agency of statistics, Isa Krasniqi:

Facebook: Agjencia e Statistikave të Kosovës

Kosovo State Archive Agency, Rame Manaj:

Facebook: Agjencia Shtetërore e Arkivave të Kosovës – ASHAK

Central Election Commission, Valdete Daka:

Twitter: @KQZKosova
kqzkosova / Valdete Daka

Independent Media Commission, Adnan Merovci:

Facebook: Adnan Merovci

Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gerxhaliu:

Facebook: odaekonomike.ks

Privatisation Agency of Kosovo, Petrit Gashi:

Facebook: Privatizimi

Tax Administration of Kosovo, Sakip Imeri:

Facebook: rks.atk / Sakip Imeri

National Agency for Data Protection:

Twitter: @ashmdprks


Main Political Parties

PDK, Kadri Veseli:

Twitter: @KadriVeseliKS
Kadri Veseli / Partiademokratikeekosoves

LDK, Isa Mustafa:

Twitter: @IsaMustafaKS
Isa Mustafa / Lidhja Demokratike e Kosovës – L D K

Vetevendosje, Visar Ymeri:

Twitter: @VisarYmeri / @LVetevendosje
Facebook: Visar Ymeri / vetvendosje

AAK, Ramush Haradinaj:

Twitter: @HRamush / @AAK_Zyrtare
Facebook: Ramush1Haradinaj / Aleanca.Official

NISMA, Fatmir Limaj:

Twitter: @FatmirLIMAJ / @NISMAperKosove
fatmirlimaj / nismaperkosoven.official

Lista Srpska, Slavko Simic:

Twitter: @SlavkoSimi1
Slavko Simic