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Workshop: Social media for activism

By - 19.04.2021

K2.0 invites you to register for our “Social Media for Activism” workshop, as part of our Lokomotiva 2.0 program (supported by the Prince Claus Fund). 

Lokomotiva is a three year program that seeks to encourage critical thinking and inspire activism among youth, with the aim to constructively challenge established narratives in the community.

The workshop will be held online on May 5 and 6 from 13:30 to 16:30. It will be led by Valon Canhasi, social media strategist and head of the social media agency Hallakate. 

Social media has developed quickly in the last decade. Its use is growing by people to access news and information. However, it has also developed into an arena for political discussions and debates, as well as platforms for civil activism engagement.

Some recent examples of the role of social media in developing activist movements are the #MeToo movement for raising awareness of sexual harassment and attacks; and the #BlackLivesMatter movement — which has used this hashtag for almost 8 years — brought attention to its cause through social media.

Taking into account the important role that social media has in our lives, we invite activists, young journalists, researchers and other individuals interested in improving their ability to make use of social media for different causes to apply for this workshop.

You will learn:

  • How to convey your message in an effective way through social media
  • How to define creative objectives, audiences and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • About technical, cognitive and emotional competencies required when using social media to search for information, for communication and content creation 
  • How to manage Facebook pages
  • How to develop marketing and public relations campaigns through Facebook pages
  • How to avoid and solve problems during these processes

To ensure physical distancing, the workshop will be held online through the Zoom platform. For those who need it, translation in English and Serbian will be done through Zoom translation channels.

To register for the workshop, please CLICK HERE.

All applicants will be notified about the status of their application. The registration deadline is May 2, 2021.K

Feature image: Arrita Katona / K2.0.