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Odile Burluraux: Artists can contribute to thinking differently and raising questions

By - 20.03.2017

Curators Odile Burluraux and Jessica Castex discuss the exhibiting of Hayoun Kwon’s virtual reality artwork, “489 Years,” at Kosovo’s National Gallery.

One-on-one | Arts

Astrit Ismaili: Bodies are just bodies — free the nipple!

By - 13.03.2017

Conceptual artist discusses performance art, rebellion and body expressionism.

One-on-one | Arts

Fitore Berisha: Bringing out my horns through artistic protest

By - 06.02.2017

Artist talks about using art as therapy, revolt and empowerment.

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Haveit — the Powerpuff Girls of Prishtina

By - 13.01.2017

Activism through public art performances.

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Local artist’s designs celebrate Kosovo’s past and present

By - 12.12.2016

Ilire Lepaja says all dreams require courage and risk-taking.

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Forward looking art

By - 20.10.2016

Four finalists in three projects, aim to become “Artist of Tomorrow.”

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Behind an empathetic lens

By - 20.10.2016

Dutch photographer’s Prishtina exhibition inspired by own family history.

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Lulzim Hoti: Culture is one of the main pillars of sustainable development

By - 14.09.2016

Local artists aiming to reactive Mitrovica’s lapsed cultural scene through 7 Arte.

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Erzen Shkololli leaves the National Gallery – but what’s his legacy?

By - 04.09.2015

Cultural institution says farewell to influential director.

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‘Thinking of You’ — A collective healing among skirts

By - 11.06.2015

Artist aims to promote discussion on wartime sexual violence with poignant Prishtina installation.

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