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Edona Kryeziu is a journalist covering Arts & Culture at K2.0. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and a Masters Degree in Migration & Diaspora Studies (Visual Anthropology) from SOAS London University, UK.

In-depth | COVID-19

DokuFest goes digital

By - 07.08.2020

Behind the scenes of the unusual preparations for the 19th edition of Dokufest.

One-on-one | Culture

Sezgin Boynik: The cultural scene in Kosovo can learn a lot [...]

By - 15.07.2020

The cultural theorist and founder of the magazine and publishing house ‘Rab Rab,’ talks about the importance of understanding Russian Futurism and his rediscovery of the 1916 play ‘Yanko, King of Albania’ by Ilya Zdanevich.

In-depth | Culture

Beyond the national

By - 26.06.2020

Revisiting films from the diaspora.

In-depth | Arts

Art and culture hit by the virus

By - 07.04.2020

How the lockdown is affecting the arts & culture sector.

Lately | COVID-19

A COVID-19 diary in prose

By - 29.03.2020

How the lockdown inspired two Prishtina filmmakers.

Lately | Culture

Inside Yugoslavia’s Albanian rock scene

By - 11.03.2020

Upholding the BOOM Festival legacy through 208 pages of zine.

Lately | Culture

Kosovo’s missing persons are remembered

By - 25.02.2020

A new exhibition tries to keep their memory alive.