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K2.0 Small Talk: Copyright — author rights or commodifying culture?

By - 19.04.2018

Join us at Lapidarium on Tuesday, April 24, at 18:00.

One way or another, most of us download and listen to music, watch the latest movies and TV series, read books or articles online, or watch our favorite sports teams win (or lose) in live streams. But how often do we take into account who makes this content and what their rights are?

The topic of copyrights remains largely unspoken about and neglected in Kosovo. Now a new law is being introduced, aiming to regulate intellectual property and author rights.

We want to explore how Kosovo’s copyright laws will affect the cultural sector in Kosovo. Is culture at risk of being commodiffied by protecting authors? Or will copyright protection benefit the growth and sustainability of cultural workers and industries? Is there a hybrid model through which copyright protection is at the service of a culture that is open and shareable? Does it need to be all or nothing?

As the world marks International Book and Copyright Day this week, authors are split on different sides of the debate; some believe in a controlled copyright system, while others opt for a more open data culture, where distribution is free.

To help get the discussion going and to fill you in, we’ve invited a few people to get us started:

  • Arianit Dobroshi (President of the Executive Board of FLOSSK — Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova)
  • Blerta Kosova (Musician)
  • Valon Kashtanjeva (Director of the Copyright Office, Government of Kosovo)
  • Florent Boshnjaku (Music producer)

Luljeta Plakolli, law professor at the University of Prishtina, will moderate the discussion.

*The discussion will be held in Albanian, with translation in English provided. Don’t miss out!K

Feature image: Atdhe Mulla / K2.0.

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