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Lately | Small Talk

Small Talk: We’re on strike

By - 24.01.2019

K2.0 Small Talk discusses the health and education sector strikes.

Lately | Sexual Violence

Small Talk: Tackling sex trafficking

By - 16.11.2018

K2.0’s Small Talk on an issue that’s fallen out of the heads.  

Lately | Small Talk

Have the crimes of the past been addressed?

By - 10.10.2018

K2.0 discusses transitional justice in Kosovo and across the region.

Lately | Small Talk

Small Talk: informatiON!

By - 25.09.2018

K2.0 Small Talk to mark International Day for Universal Access to Information.

Lately | Culture

K2.0 speaks cultural independence in latest Small Talk

By - 24.08.2018

Citizens and Ministry of Culture discuss moving culture forward.

Lately | Diaspora

What’s up with the diaspora?

By - 20.07.2018

Kosovo 2.0 discusses the important role of the diaspora.

Lately | Diaspora

K2.0 Small Talk: Is it better here or there?

By - 13.07.2018

Join us for our latest Small Talk on Thursday, July 19 at the Innovation Centre of Kosovo.

Lately | Small Talk

“Përtej”: Two decades of alternative collaboration

By - 22.06.2018

Join us on Thursday, June 28, at the "Multimedia Center"!

Lately | Copyright

Copyright, copyleft or something else completely?

By - 26.04.2018

Author rights and free reproduction discussed at K2.0 Small Talk.

Lately | Small Talk

K2.0 Small Talk: Copyright — author rights or commodifying culture?

By - 19.04.2018

Join us at Lapidarium on Tuesday, April 24, at 18:00.

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