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#KosovoInUnesco — Hashtag or real will?

By - 23.01.2017

K2.0 organizes discussion on Kosovo’s reapplication in UNESCO.

In November 2015, Kosovo was rejected from joining the world’s educational, scientific and cultural organization, UNESCO — by just three votes. Governmental efforts had focused on a diplomatic lobbying campaign for other countries to support the bid, while Serbia’s government pursued a strong campaign against Kosovo’s membership.

While much of the blame for Kosovo’s failure to enter the U.N. agency was directed towards the Serbian government’s counter-lobbying, there has been little internal reflection. Was Kosovo’s candidacy strong enough? What is the Kosovo government doing to protect and promote culture, education and science? Does #KosovoInUnesco reflect a real will from institutions to promote the values of UNESCO or is it just a facade for weak government action in these fields?

In less than one year’s time, Kosovo will have another chance to gain UNESCO membership; if it fails in its bid again, there won’t be another chance until 2019. How is Kosovo’s government now planning to achieve a seat in UNESCO? What tangible actions are being taken to strengthen Kosovo’s membership bid?

Join us for an open and pragmatic discussion in our next Small Talk at 18:00 on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at Dit’ e Nat’.

To enrich the conversation, we will be joined by institutional representatives and civil society activists:
-Valon Murtezaj, deputy minister of foreign affairs.
-Vjollca Aliu, head of the department of Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture. 
-Sali Shoshi, director of Cultural Heritage without Borders. 
-Moderator: Hajrulla Ceku, Ec Ma Ndryshe.

Take the chance to take part. #KosovoInUnesco K

(Translation English/Albanian will be provided)