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Longform | Albania

The undefeated enemy of the people

By - 13.11.2020

The legacy of an execution in communist Albania.

Perspectives | Albania

The Apostille Stamp has become obsolete

By - 15.09.2020

The obligation for the apostille between Kosovo and Albania should be abolished immediately.

Lately | Albania

Hundreds of children in Albania with no access to education

By - 20.08.2020

Poor economic conditions kept many from online learning.

Lately | Albania

Albania fights to stop the second wave

By - 06.08.2020

Lack of hospital capacity and medical workers are the biggest problems.

In-depth | Culture

The demolition of the theater as a harbinger of an upcoming dictatorship

By - 22.05.2020

A state captured by the whims of an arrogant leader.

Blogbox | Albania

Stop artwashing Edi Rama’s politics

By - 21.05.2020

An open letter to the international art community.

In-depth | Media

“Anti-defamation” laws swim against democracy

By - 09.04.2020

The Albanian prime minister’s proposed laws continue their journey.

Blogbox | Fiction

The Arbiter (Part 5)

By - 28.03.2020

Everyone loves the colonel.

Blogbox | Fiction

The Arbiter (Part 4)

By - 27.03.2020

Of prophecies and death.

Blogbox | Fiction

The Arbiter (Part 3)

By - 26.03.2020

Search and destroy.

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