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One-on-one | Croatia

Davor Mišković: Culture is marginalized, but we expect too much of it

By - 20.05.2020

The sociologist and activist talks about culture and festivals in the time of COVID-19.

Lately | COVID-19

Pandemic, earthquake and more surveillance

By - 16.04.2020

Croatian response most stringent compared to number of confirmed cases.

In-depth | Serbia

Sex abuse allegations against Orthodox Church

By - 24.02.2020

Victims kept waiting in search for truth and justice.

In-depth | Croatia

An expensive new whim of Zagreb’s Mayor

By - 22.01.2020

The bonds connecting the Zagreb Manhattan and Belgrade Waterfront projects.

In-depth | Croatia

Game On

By - 12.02.2019

Croatia’s developers driving region’s gaming industry forward.

In-depth | Army

After the war ends

By - 24.12.2018

Solving war veterans’ issues across the Balkans.

One-on-one | Croatia

Bojana Genov: ‘The church is the biggest obstacle to achieving women’s rights in Croatia’

By - 24.09.2018

Croatian feminist activist discusses how to win over conservative forces that are attempting to renounce women’s rights.

In-depth | Croatia

Killing freedom of speech in Croatia

By - 06.02.2018

An increasing number of assaults on journalists remain unpunished.

In-depth | Croatia

Victims buried by threats and indifference

By - 08.12.2017

ICTY judgement causes dissatisfaction, denial, and panic in Croatia.