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Three women denied their property

By - 09.06.2020

Albanian women still have no right to property.

Blogbox | Feminism

Should we laugh at sexist jokes?

By - 08.06.2020

Busting the myth that humor ‘does no harm.’

Blogbox | Feminism

Making men — a feminist reflection on routine male circumcision

By - 02.06.2020

Why circumcising boys is neither medically justified nor without consequences.

Blogbox | Culture

Cultural appropriation, but make it fashion

By - 18.05.2020

How ethnic Albanians are appropriating cultures in the music industry.

One-on-one | Activism

Selma Selman: I believe art is powerful enough to have an impact on people’s lives

By - 13.05.2020

An artist dividing her life between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States discusses the importance of education.

Blogbox | Feminism

Is feminism compatible with Albanianism?

By - 08.03.2020

The influence of tradition vs. the tide of feminism.

One-on-one | Feminism

Nemesis: This isn’t a story about girls wanting to be boys

By - 03.01.2020

A women’s death metal group from Serbia is breaking down barriers and conquering the region.

Blogbox | Feminism

My Path to Natural Childbirth

By - 30.11.2019

A profound, empowering and spiritual event.

Blogbox | Feminism

Having a feminist father

By - 11.10.2019

How a father’s support can change the world.

Outloud Podcast | Feminism

OUTLOUD: The necessity for female rage in Kosovo

By - 10.07.2019

Women embracing their rage is crucial for progress.

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