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A university in shambles

By - 26.11.2018

K2.0 explores Kosovo’s biggest university at the start of the new academic year.

In recent weeks, we’ve heard about the problems at the University of Prishtina — Kosovo’s biggest university — more than we’ve heard about its successes.

Under fire after education and transitional justice organization Amovere published a report titled Academic Staff of UP, which accused 16 named professors of plagiarism, the university has begun the academic year with more than one polemic aimed its way.

2018 has definitely been a year of increased monitoring for the public university, with the recent arrival of organizations such as ORCA and Admovere, which have been especially vocal about irregularities in terms of academic fraud, but also about the struggles for educational quality, and about mismanagement of the university’s human and financial resources.

K2.0 takes a step back to look at some of the University of Prishtina’s fundamental problems, the role of the Ministry of Education, and the critical voices in the sector, to understand what lies ahead in the upcoming academic and political year, for the sake of Kosovo’s future graduates.