Volume Up - Kosovo 2.0

Volume Up

Volume Up in an innovative K2.0 program focusing on the role that media and communication plays in civil society advocacy actions. The program explores ways in which innovative forms of media production can be used to raise public awareness among citizens, provoke public debate and ultimately request more from government institutions.

Through this program, K2.0 will tackle the manner in which contemporary media is addressing human rights, while engaging not only with journalists, but with all members of the media community who are involved in the production of mass media: designers, photographers, bloggers, citizen journalists, writers, journalists, editors, creative media makers at large, advertisers.

Throughout this event, people who have done a remarkable job in the areas of media and communication will join Volume Up and will share with Kosovar citizens their drive to bring positive change, as well as the ways in which young men and women could channel their potential through media formats to be impactful and to serve the common good.

The Volume Up program includes a public talk and a master-class including people in relevant fields who benefit from having a close exchange of experiences and ideas discussions. Both the public talk and the lecture directly aim at contributing to the improvement of Kosovar professionals — the program ultimately seeks to inspire participants to explore new, groundbreaking practices in their daily work.