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One-on-one | Media

Yusuf Omar: It’s easy to manipulate one camera, it’s difficult to manipulate thousands

By - 28.08.2019

International mobile journalist discusses camera glasses, hitchhiking to Syria and how we should've seen Donald Trump coming.

Lately | Culture

My.Kali: A voice speaks up

By - 05.07.2019

Khalid Abdel-Hadi’s magazine exists in a delicate balance.

One-on-one | Volume Up

Stevan Dojčinović: I thought publishing the truth was enough, but you also have to do something about the lies

By - 25.04.2019

Award winning investigative journalist talks exposing crime networks, Paradise Papers and dealing with intimidation.

One-on-one | Human Rights

Fotis Filippou: Change needs to come through people power

By - 22.12.2018

Amnesty International’s European campaigns director talks mass mobilization, targeted messaging and the democratization of protests in the digital world.

Lately | Human Rights

Volume UP: Fotis Filippou on advocacy campaigns

By - 11.12.2018

K2.0 brings Amnesty  International Campaigns Director for Europe to Prishtina for public talk.  

One-on-one | Corruption

Matthew Caruana Galizia: The EU needs an international anti-corruption court

By - 30.11.2018

Pulitzer Prize winning Panama Papers journalist talks fighting corruption and justice for his mother’s assassination.

Lately | Volume Up

Volume UP: Matthew Caruana Galizia on journalist safety

By - 24.11.2018

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist comes to Prishtina.

Lately | Volume Up

The Guardian’s Gill Phillips in Prishtina

By - 03.10.2018

Join K2.0 for a Volume UP talk on Oct. 10, and a training session on Oct. 11.

Lately | Volume Up

Volume UP: Cannelle Lavite-Dumoulin Talks Whistleblowers

By - 11.09.2018

Join K2.0’s latest public talk on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

Lately | Volume Up

Volume Up: Dystopia of a future without journalism

By - 19.12.2017

In K2.0’s next Volume Up, Saso Ordanoski imagines a world with no media.

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