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Regenerating Kosovo’s civil society

By - 16.02.2018

The winding journey toward a re-engaged citizenry.

Monographs | Local Elections 2017 | Activism

Doing it yourself

By - 17.10.2017

How Liga Total brought football to cities without municipalities.

In-depth | Local Elections 2017 | Activism

Fighting back on Facebook

By - 17.10.2017

Social media helping activists put pressure on the municipalities.

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Resistance to the conservative revolution in Croatia

By - 22.05.2017

Feminist action against ultra-conservative ideas.

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A Kosovar dog, operated on in Serbia

By - 25.11.2016

Helping animals in need is a sign of an empathetic society.

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Protest numbers are being fetishized

By - 17.10.2016

The obsession of judging initiatives by the number of people on the streets is damaging Kosovo's citizen activism.

Perspectives | Activism

I suffer therefore I am — we must stop animal cruelty in Kosovo

By - 14.10.2016

Just like marginalized people, animals have their voices silenced and are disempowered.

One-on-one | Activism


By - 18.05.2016

Citizen-activism initiative founder says pressure must continue on institutions to bring about change.