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Call for applications: Lokomotiva 2.0 | Youth led initiatives

By - 27.01.2021

Lokomotiva: Driving forward toward change.

We are happy to announce a call for passionate young changemakers to apply with group art projects that aim to constructively challenge established narratives in the community around gender, religion, race and ethnicity.

The call is part of the Lokomotiva Program, which seeks to encourage critical thinking and inspire activism related to the aforementioned issues. 

Aspiring applicants should create groups of three to four people and come up with projects that make use of diverse media formats — such as photography, video, text-writing and publication, art performances, music, online tools for creative expression —  to achieve social change. 

Through seed funding — up to 1000 euros per group — the selected groups will be supported to design their initiatives/interventions in their chosen areas, within their communities. 

To apply, you are required to fill in the project proposal form and the budget form. You will be guided through the project proposal manual every step of the way. 

In the project proposal form you will be required to provide context related to your proposal, to state the need that you will be addressing through your intervention, the objectives that you aim to achieve through your project, the activities that you will implement, the groups you will target, the time frame of your project, as well as details regarding location and visibility. 

Moreover, you will be required to present the results that you aim to achieve as well as to state any potential partners with whom you may collaborate to realize your objectives.

We expect Lokomotiva members to walk that extra mile, be creative in the solutions they offer, and be committed to the initiatives they propose!

We are looking forward with excitement to having you join the Lokomotiva if you are: 

— Age 18 to 24;

— Living in Kosovo;

— Committed to your proposed initiative;

— Willing to critically challenge pejorative narratives around gender, ethnicity, religion and race;

— Looking forward to working closely with peers;

— Open to new ideas and opinions, and willing to work toward their fruition;

— Able to design and implement initiatives that have direct impact on gender, ethnicity, religion and race in your community.

Below you can click to download: 

After preparing your proposal, please submit both forms by sending an email to with the subject line “Application — Lokomotiva Youth Led Initiatives” by midnight on March 5, 2021.

Any questions regarding the program should be directed to no later than February 26, 2021, with the subject line “Questions — Lokomotiva Youth Led Initiatives.”

We will notify all applicants about their application status through email.

Applications may be submitted in Albanian, English or Serbian.K

The Lokomotiva 2.0 program is supported by the Prince Claus Fund.

Feature image: Arrita Katona / K2.0.