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Land of the poor and hungry

By - 02.02.2018

More than a quarter of the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina goes to sleep hungry.

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Keeping the rivers glistening in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 27.12.2017

Women of Kruscica part of a nascent movement to preserve rivers in the Balkans.

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Judgement day for Mladic

By - 22.11.2017

How does it feel when justice is seen to be done?

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Planless political threats

By - 14.09.2017

Is there a plan behind threats on the secession of Republika Srpska?

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Pupils lead education (r)evolution in BiH

By - 24.06.2017

School pupils launch nationwide campaign to end segregated education.

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Life in Bosnia’s eternal status quo

By - 25.05.2017

Controlled chaos and frozen conflicts 22 years after the war.

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No return to invisibility!

By - 17.05.2017

Continuing the long and endless road toward equality for all.

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The visa regime between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo doesn’t apply to everyone

By - 15.11.2016

Bosnian Serbs are able to freely travel to Kosovo using passports issued by Serbia.

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Mission impossible to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 15.11.2016

Kosovo and BiH still at odds over visa regime.

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Referendum on nothing

By - 01.09.2015

President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, is playing a dangerous game in order to exert his already considerable influence.