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Nothing new in Bosnian elections

By - 09.10.2018

Another election in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on empty promises.

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Reconnecting the region

By - 28.09.2018

Paperwork and poor travel connections preventing interaction between Balkan peoples.

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Could citizens’ protests bring change in Bosnia?

By - 30.07.2018

Rare protests on the streets indicate a lack of democracy.

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Communities united in protest against official death verdicts

By - 30.05.2018

The unresolved deaths of two young men have led to persistent protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Bosnia’s limp statehood challenged by act of police insubordination

By - 24.05.2018

Latest political calculations and maneuvers lay the captured state bear.

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Uncertainty dominates as Bosnian elections announced

By - 10.05.2018

October elections could throw the country into political chaos.

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Doing business in impossible conditions

By - 06.04.2018

Does BiH give opportunities to young people to start a business?

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Land of the poor and hungry

By - 02.02.2018

More than a quarter of the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina goes to sleep hungry.

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Keeping the rivers glistening in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 27.12.2017

Women of Kruscica part of a nascent movement to preserve rivers in the Balkans.

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Judgement day for Mladic

By - 22.11.2017

How does it feel when justice is seen to be done?

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