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Be her voice, but first, be her loneliness

By - 05.07.2018

What has happened to victims of wartime sexual violence in the last 20 years is double victimization. Today, we cannot allow them to be victimized again.

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Newfound support for wartime sexual violence survivors

By - 20.06.2018

‘Be My Voice’ aims for a comprehensive discussion for sexual violence survivors.

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Recognition and reparations finally due

By - 26.01.2018

Application process opens for survivors of wartime sexual violence.

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Rights of war-related sexual violence survivors demanded

By - 13.12.2017

New Amnesty International report launched in Prishtina.

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Fighting stigmatization on film

By - 21.10.2017

Kosovo’s latest Oscar entry tackles the aftermath of wartime sexual violence.

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New memory book on wartime sexual violence

By - 16.05.2017

Ten survivors tell their personal stories.

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Open letter to Minister Arban Abrahi and the government of Kosovo

By - 16.11.2016

It's time to end the talk and finally compensate the victims of conflict related sexual violence.

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Survivors of conflict related sexual violence are frustrated with delays

By - 24.10.2016

Steps have been taken to provide reparations to survivors, but the process has been slow.

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Her- and his- story discussed in Small Talk

By - 17.09.2016

Full house debates conflict-related sexual violence at K2.0.