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VIDEO: Kosovo’s visa purgatory

By - 16.02.2018

Isolated and ignored — Kosovars sick of being political pawns.

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(Almost) stuck in Thailand

By - 10.11.2017

Kosovo’s MFA needs to up its game.

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You are from Kosovo, no boarding for you

By - 17.11.2016

Visa restrictions stand in the way of growing Kosovar businesses.

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The visa regime between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo doesn’t apply to everyone

By - 15.11.2016

Bosnian Serbs are able to freely travel to Kosovo using passports issued by Serbia.

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Mission impossible to get to Bosnia and Herzegovina

By - 15.11.2016

Kosovo and BiH still at odds over visa regime.

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Letter from a friendly ‘inadmissible’ person

By - 04.10.2016

Human rights activist describes Schengen visa annulment experience.

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Kosovo and Bosnia: Artistic kiss in Belgrade air

By - 04.10.2016

Prishtina and Sarajevo meet in the heart of Belgrade, the city which gave birth to that which separates them.

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EC proposes visa-free travel for Kosovars

By - 09.06.2016

Visa liberalisation big step closer after positive decision.

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Crime and Punishment in Kosovo

By - 22.12.2015

No visa liberalisation for Kosovars until politicians are held to account