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Jonny Wrate is a writer and documentary researcher based in Sarajevo.

Lately | DokuFest 2017

Travis Wilkerson on the search for art in activism

By - 12.08.2017

Radical filmmaker shares his perspective at DokuFest.

Blogbox | DokuFest 2017

Faking it So Real

By - 11.08.2017

K2.0 loses its grip on the truth.

One-on-one | DokuFest 2017

Morten Traavik: ex-Yugoslav industrial music is a better alternative [...]

By - 09.08.2017

“Liberation Day” director talks North Korea, boycotts, ‘TotalKunst’ and Yugoslavia.

One-on-one | DokuFest 2017

Mohamedsalem Werad: Western Sahara is in two passive wars, [...]

By - 08.08.2017

Saharawi activist talks to K2.0 about resistance in “Africa’s last colony.”

Lately | DokuFest 2017

Visions of the future: DokuTech

By - 06.08.2017

K2.0 asks DokuFest attendees to look into the unknown.

In-depth | Film

DokuFest 2016 — an everyday act of rebellion

By - 14.08.2016

International film festival closes doors for another year.

In-depth | Tech

DOKU:TECH 2016 — 21st century activism

By - 08.08.2016

Innovative ideas at annual tech conference.