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Elma Tataragić: The ongoing crisis is a return to core values

By - 02.09.2020

The Sarajevo Film Festival’s main competition selector talks about the film industry during a pandemic.

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Captured rivers

By - 03.08.2020

Bosnians defend their rivers with their bodies.

Perspectives | BiH

Twenty-five years after the Srebrenica Genocide

By - 11.07.2020

Accounting for the missing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

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We survived, but a part of us died in Srebrenica

By - 07.07.2020

The Srebrenica genocide as seen through the eyes of a child.

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Solidarity makes the system work

By - 01.06.2020

Truth as the only option.

One-on-one | Activism

Selma Selman: I believe art is powerful enough to have an impact on people’s lives

By - 13.05.2020

An artist dividing her life between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States discusses the importance of education.

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Who’s in charge of Banja Luka’s public space?

By - 04.05.2020

Civil society afraid of what post-corona times could bring.

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The case of ‘Schindler’s Lift’ by Darko Cvijetić

By - 22.04.2020

Or a story about a corporation, art and the reality of capitalism.

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