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Cries for help from the Balkan Route

By - 31.08.2020

Access to asylum remains a problem in Slovenia.

Perspectives | Migration

The tale of ‘good’ migrants and ‘dangerous’ refugees

By - 22.07.2020

A look through the eyes of six scholars from the post-Yugoslav space.

Perspectives | Refugees

Empathy in Europe might not be only dead, but long buried

By - 13.03.2020

Will European leaders ever learn their lessons?

In-depth | Refugees

Forced to flee

By - 31.07.2019

Three stories of those forced out during Kosovo war.

Blogbox | '90s

Kosovo, March 1999 — A Memory

By - 24.03.2019

Personal experiences from the war.

In-depth | Migration

Migrants and refugees caught in Balkan Limbo

By , - 15.05.2018

Montenegro experiences rise in those seeking refuge in Europe.

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Playing the EU border game

By - 23.02.2018

Closed borders means thousands of migrants remain in Balkan limbo.

One-on-one | Culture

Hamed Abboud: The whole function of literature has changed for me now

By - 16.05.2017

Syrian poet on how his experiences as a refugee have transformed his work.

Blogbox | Refugees

Running to live

By - 23.03.2017

NATO's intervention brought hope, but also retaliation, forcing many to flee their homes.