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Blogbox | Sexual Violence

In memory of Marte Tunaj

By - 16.05.2019

How we betrayed her quest for justice.

Blogbox | Sexual Violence

A letter from a child sexual abuse survivor

By - 13.05.2019

Coming to terms with my childhood trauma.

In-depth | Sexual Violence

Seeking survivor recognition

By - 07.03.2019

Mixed experiences of official processes for wartime rape survivors.

In-depth | Sexual Violence

Survivors speak in the wake of Vasfije

By - 20.12.2018

Wartime sexual violence survivors share their own experiences.

In-depth | Human Rights

Kosovo’s battle with human trafficking

By - 04.12.2018

Issue prevails beneath the radar, despite improved response.

Lately | Sexual Violence

Small Talk: Tackling sex trafficking

By - 16.11.2018

K2.0’s Small Talk on an issue that’s fallen out of the heads.  

In-depth | The past, now | Sexual Violence

Rape survivors struggling for recognition

By - 28.09.2018

The perennial fight for wartime rape survivors’ rights.

Blogbox | Sexual Violence

Be her voice, but first, be her loneliness

By - 05.07.2018

What has happened to victims of wartime sexual violence in the last 20 years is double victimization. Today, we cannot allow them to be victimized again.

Lately | Sexual Violence

Newfound support for wartime sexual violence survivors

By - 20.06.2018

‘Be My Voice’ aims for a comprehensive discussion for sexual violence survivors.

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