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One-on-one | BiH

Elma Tataragić: The ongoing crisis is a return to core values

By - 02.09.2020

The Sarajevo Film Festival’s main competition selector talks about the film industry during a pandemic.

Lately | COVID-19

A COVID-19 diary in prose

By - 29.03.2020

How the lockdown inspired two Prishtina filmmakers.

In-depth | Film

Art and trauma entwine in Zahaq tales

By - 06.03.2020

The real life stories of two sisters behind ‘Zana.’

Lately | Culture

From “Honeyland” to the Oscars

By - 20.02.2020

When Joaquin Phoenix meets a beekeeper from North Macedonia.

In-depth | Arts

Festivals are trying to bring more than culture

By - 30.12.2019

Festivals are not just for fun.

One-on-one | Arts

Milčo Mančevski: The film isn’t a CNN report, or a historical PhD, but a work of art

By - 16.12.2019

Celebrated Macedonian director talks about his latest movie, female people, and politics.

Mentorship | Culture

Alush Gashi: We wanted to create a forum in which critical thought is cultivated

By - 07.11.2019

Kino Armata’s director and cultural manager talks public culture, memory and art.

Lately | Culture

‘LGBT Police’ screened at PriFest

By - 27.08.2019

Documentary film explores the ‘pink and blue’ effect.

One-on-one | BiH

Pawel Pawlikowski: I can’t make documentaries now because the world is so ‘mediatized’

By - 23.08.2019

Multi-award-winning contemporary film director speaks about documenting Radovan Karadžić and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and the construction of truth.

Lately | Culture

Hopes, fears and animating a community

By - 19.07.2019

Behind the scenes at Anibar 2019.

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