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Outloud Podcast | Feminism

OUTLOUD: The necessity for female rage in Kosovo

By - 10.07.2019

Women embracing their rage is crucial for progress.

In-depth | Cultivation | Gender Equality

The women shaking up the world of art

By - 02.06.2019

Five artists making waves and bringing new narratives.

In-depth | Women's Rights

Kosovo’s women in business

By - 17.04.2019

Opportunities and barriers for Kosovo’s women entrepreneurs.

Lately | Women's Rights

Protesting patriarchal and social injustice

By - 08.03.2019

March 8 Prishtina protest in pictures.

Perspectives | Women's Rights

We need angry girls

By - 11.02.2019

Only open anger and organized activism will protect girls from harm.

Perspectives | Women's Rights

Gender inequality is still pervasive in decision-making and politics

By - 08.02.2019

Kosovo has most advanced gender equality law in region — but doesn’t enforce it.

In-depth | Sexual Violence

Survivors speak in the wake of Vasfije

By - 20.12.2018

Wartime sexual violence survivors share their own experiences.

Blogbox | Women's Rights

Neither with “city” nor “village”

By - 18.12.2018

Documenting experiences of women in rural areas is necessary

Lately | '90s

Exhibition brings back 1998 women’s activism at National Museum

By - 31.08.2018

Data: mars offers retrospective of protests organized by women in March 1998.

Perspectives | Women's Rights

How many calls does it take?

By - 29.08.2018

A take on public outrage and how it lacks when women are being murdered.