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Fellowship | Human Rights 2 | In-depth | Workers' rights

The short-term contracts denying workers their rights

By - 02.03.2020

Thousands employed through poorly regulated public sector contracts.

In-depth | Serbia

Sex abuse allegations against Orthodox Church

By - 24.02.2020

Victims kept waiting in search for truth and justice.

Fellowship | Human Rights 2 | In-depth | Children

Juvenile rights violated in correctional facilities

By - 11.02.2020

Juvenile girls housed with adult women at what expense?

Perspectives | Migration

Life between closed borders

By - 06.02.2020

The Balkan Route through Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to be active.

Perspectives | Workers' rights

Unearthing stories from Bulqiza’s underground

By - 01.02.2020

Elton Debreshi, head of the Bulqiza United Miners' Union (SMBB), talks to “Organizata Politika” activist Gresa Hasa.

Blogbox | Human Rights

How a Jewish doctor found his home in Prizren

By - 27.01.2020

The man who saved countless lives in Prizren.

In-depth | Workers' rights

Miner earthquakes in Bulqiza

By - 27.01.2020

Excavating the stone that brings death, injury and dismissal — but no wealth to miners.

Lately | Justice

Landmark decision for transgender rights

By - 20.01.2020

Blert Morina exercises right to change name and sex marker.

Fellowship | Human Rights 2 | In-depth | Sports

The injured and the damaged

By - 27.12.2019

What happens when Kosovar athletes are hurt.

Mentorship | One-on-one | Human Rights

Hilmi Jashari: The problems that face Kosovo citizens today are the product of systemic failure

By - 26.12.2019

Ombudsman Hilmi Jashari speaks about the challenges of citizens in relation to the state.

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