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Blogbox | Women's Rights

Poland is boiling!

By - 09.11.2020

Protests led by women in Poland continue despite everything.

Perspectives | Human Rights

Merkel, the Civil Code and same-sex marriage in Kosovo

By - 26.10.2020

An explanation on the distortions of Merkel’s statements by deputy Lushtaku and the importance of indiscriminate legal protection.

Perspectives | Politics

Yesterday fascism echoed in the parliament

By - 22.10.2020

MP Lushtaku against the Civil Code in the name of the so-called traditional values.

Blogbox | Human Rights

Helping to ensure food for all

By - 04.09.2020

The story behind Termokiss’ volunteer-based humanitarian initiative.

Blogbox | Youth2020

Eid candies

By - 01.09.2020

Fighting inequality by raising a voice against it.

Perspectives | Diaspora

Black Lives Matter to the Albanian diaspora

By - 17.06.2020

A letter from America to Albanians everywhere.

In-depth | Women's Rights

Three women denied their property

By - 09.06.2020

Albanian women still have no right to property.

In-depth | discrimination

Is hate speech in Slovenia now mainstream?

By - 03.06.2020

Online abuse and ethnically tinged slurs flow from the top down.

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