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Lately | Volume Up

Volume UP: Fotis Filippou on developing winning advocacy campaigns

By - 11.12.2018

K2.0 brings Campaigns Director for Europe at Amnesty International to Prishtina for a public talk on Dec. 17 and a Masterclass on Dec. 18.

In-depth | Human Rights | Minority Rights

Life and death: The harsh reality of pregnancy in Kosovo

By - 10.12.2018

Minority women lack critical access to health care and maternity medicine.

In-depth | Human Rights | Poverty

Exchanging poverty for prison

By - 10.12.2018

Minor crimes by people in poverty being punished with jail time.

In-depth | Human Rights | Workers' rights

Poverty, insecurity, death

By - 10.12.2018

Kosovar construction workers are risking their lives for work.

In-depth | Human Rights | Children

Extreme poverty forces children to be bread-winners

By - 10.12.2018

Vicious cycle of childhood poverty in Kosovo robs children of their rights.

In-depth | Human Rights | Disabilities

No Callback

By - 10.12.2018

From finding a job, to getting up stairs and accessing ATMs. This is life with a disability in Kosovo.

In-depth | Human Rights | Gender Equality

Biased legislation favors tradional gender roles

By - 10.12.2018

A look into policies on maternity, paternity and parental leave.

Lately | Human Rights

Journalism and Film for Human Rights

By - 05.12.2018

Join us on Dec. 10 to mark Human Rights Day at K2.0’s new space.

In-depth | Human Rights

Kosovo’s battle with human trafficking

By - 04.12.2018

Issue prevails beneath the radar, despite improved response.

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