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Opening data

By - 25.07.2020

The case for more open and accessible data in Kosovo.

One-on-one | Media

Yusuf Omar: It’s easy to manipulate one camera, it’s difficult to manipulate thousands

By - 28.08.2019

International mobile journalist discusses camera glasses, hitchhiking to Syria and how we should've seen Donald Trump coming.

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Kosovo’s tech revolution potential

By - 02.07.2019

Tech industry provides opportunities, but are things happening?

In-depth | Media

The dangerous powers of the clickbait king

By - 07.09.2018

Earning a fortune off fake news.

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DOKU:TECH returns

By - 10.06.2017

Preparing for the new world order.

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Marcin Malinowski: Artificial Intelligence is going to be a game changer for humankind

By - 17.11.2016

Google's head of global partnerships for Eastern Europe talks AI, user privacy and how to get hired.

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Alan Greenberg: “I can fix technology. I cannot fix people.”

By - 07.11.2016

Ed-tech guru discusses how technology is shaping the future of learning.

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Mike Butcher: Using tech is essential for addressing the refugee crisis

By - 04.10.2016

Techfugees founder insists big, intractable problems require new and innovative solutions.

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DOKU:TECH 2016 — 21st century activism

By - 08.08.2016

Innovative ideas at annual tech conference.

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